Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jet lag

What could be the best way to define the distance between spouses? The miles between the two cities in two different countries they are living in? The hours between the two time zones? The empty spaces between them? Or the silence.. the inaccessibility?

 Physics defines distance as length or space between two points.. Graphically it is represented by subtracting the coordinated of the two given points. Perhaps between people too, something gets subtracted from each other. Something goes missing. Which takes us back to the first set of questions! As to what the possible remainder is!
Graphically distances between points are often measured by joining them by straight lines. Connection. Strings. From heart to heart.

Distance. A wider angle of view. Brings to your notice what wasn’t accessible to you when you stood right in front of your point of reference. In this case, your spouse. From harsh realities to sweet truths, they get to explore each other. They say :

“One sees qualities at a distance and defects at close range”.

 There may be possibilities of a few bitter discoveries. Nevertheless, the frog prince in the fairy tale wouldn't have been as enchanting without vivid descriptions of the pond, the garden, the castle, or the princess herself.

A concept of motion always goes hand in hand with distance. Moving a day away from the day she last met him. Moving a day closer to the day he would see her again! A journey to cover up for the miles, hours and void…..

The basic aspects cannot be ruled out either. Missing each other… Anticipating.. Waiting… And building bridges to find shortcuts to each other..

In my case:
The shortest distance between us is under construction. Reconstruction.


  1. An amazingly well written piece..yes the distance is all about that anticipation, that wait, that yearning for each other..and the moment when the this phase is over and you come face to face with that person, it again blows you off your feet..and you experience a bliss which is felt just by your heart and cannot be put into words.. :)

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  3. Last line-rockstrong!!*thumbs up*
    Reconstruction results in a better and stronger home. Distance is calculated as a mere subtraction. Or it could just be the opposite..yes,addition actually! addition of mirth,the desire,the passion..the platonic love :)
    A very beautiful depiction of distance. i loved it.. keep up!

  4. well written, and truly, the metaphorical distance between a couple is a fragile and delicate thread..!
    but allow me to also present a different viewpoint, one for the long term:
    there is another thumb rule that is exceptionally important in any relationship: learning when to hold on and when to let go; life is not all about cutting short distances. its about maintaining the right distance, isn't it?
    One of the best quotes I ever read, is "over-familiarity breeds contempt". Implying, there have to be times when two people are allowed to be individuals and not a couple. Spices up things, gives the space and freedom. Individuals loving each other for who they are as individuals is far more stronger, far more logical.(yes there is always a time in a relationship when logic also takes a place; anyone who suggests otherwise is living in a fairytale).

    If the coordinates of two points are same, there subtraction yields zero. But in life, that does not mean that two people are the same, or are one in two bodies or something. That's good in stories. The distance must never approach zero. let me borrow your statement, and rephrase it as.."the distance must be such that the flaws are visible, but so are the qualities", only then one can hope to provide sufficient emotional and logical support.

    by the way, Silence is itself a two edged sword! its not always bad, not always regressive..it can be controlled. Its one of the best things in the world sometimes! ;)

    Not opposing you, its just something that sprung up in my mind since you are talking of distances.
    Oh and by the way, there is a heavy involvement of relativity and stretching of time if physical distances are involved ;) if you know what i mean..remember einstein's quote?

    Again, well written, and a beautiful premise; it begets hours of discussion!You have done justice to it.

  5. Thank you so much!

    And Wow! That was beautifully analyzed! A beautifully added new dimension to the idea of distances!

  6. Relationships that seem perfect and in which the couple does everything together may at great risk of failing.It's our
    human nature to end up feeling imprisoned by the sense of being permanently glued together.So having a short distance,
    give the oppertunity to have the more clear sense of good and bads of other half, as well feel the absence, refreshed the relationship.
    The word "Short", may represent the distance, the time or the understanding between two.
    A Long distance relationship, mathematically long, measured in miles or kilometers, or the time gap in years or months, may have those factors you mentioned
    like " Missing each other… Anticipating.. Waitin" etc etc, but it may bring the Jealousy, feeling of insecurity. It works when the time frame of distance is limited,
    like you know, you will be reunited after 6 months or 1 years or so on. But for an unknown time frame, dealing with the distance is hard enough.

    Still It's Human Relationship, not mathematics where 2+2 is always 4. The shortest distance may never be covered, longer distance may not be felt at all.