Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sour Depths, Sweet Dreams!!

Palaces of promises,

In the midst of broken premises;

Daydreams, dreamers, dreamy faces……

A snow, a flake, a vow-

-Resting on the cupid’s crown;

Untouched, unarmed;

Of words of charm,

Sweetness bleeding, crimson pleading!

Monday, June 13, 2011

On My Knees...

Hold back the heart-flying higher..
Is this a dream, or a crimson satire?
Behold! The rendezvous of desire!
Jesus! Is my heart on fire?

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Blank Page

Another blank page, and here I am with a pen, looking for proper words to fill it up. I stare at the blank page for quite some time waiting for an essay to write itself… But it still lies there, silent in its emptiness, formidable in its vastness. The endless expanse of white space waits for that first mark of ink, the first brilliant word.

The fate of the blank page is all about how words are arranged in it. And once you are done, you turn it around for another piece of white space. For such is life, I tell you, taking into account the way it proceeds. While in the process of writing destiny, an interval pops in every now and then. That’s when life turns its pages. And everytime there’s a new page, a new situation, you wonder, “what next?” … and you pen down the next chapter on that dreaded white space, waiting in the void.

Well whatever.. I’m still waiting for the first word for my piece of white sheet….

Or… Did I just fill a blank page??

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ink Blot

(This is a page from my diary... 17 May,2011,Time:3:30)

Insomnia is something, a sleepless night is another. And giving up your sleep for a night, or occasionally is…. Well… just another thing too!

The magnificence of a “quiet” night keeps you awake, pondering over its mysteries. However, a “not so quiet night” presents before your weary, dream-worn eyes a slideshow of illusions. Envy takes over the feeling of awe for those who are responsible for the loss of the usual composure of the night. The magnanimity of their noisy sleep compels you to first watch out for an extra pillow to shield your ears against the noise. If you fail to find one, the search for a more peaceful place is initiated. If there are ‘no results found’ yet again, you go to a neglected corner of your house, switch on a table lamp, and take up a pen and paper. and do what I’m doing now.

And soon you find yourself staring at the window, clueless about how to proceed with your work. You watch the night dawn into a beautiful morning. The noise slowly fades away.

A couple of hours, and you are woken up at that same corner …….. a few words on one half the other…………….. and an ink blot on the other!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream

This solemn summer night

Vows to the distant sight

Of dusky hopes, a drowsy delight,

Of starry dreams, a maverick moonlight;

Of breezy thoughts, some shadowed fright,

Of the sleeping stillness, a restless plight..

Of the heated path, the steaming air,

Of blistered feet, the soothing solitaire;

Of sweating eyes and the tanned fair,

Of dripping lips, the dark’s glare;

Of the slumbered lamppost, of nervy nightnares……

To the ageing novice, the waking dawn’s dare!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Power Cut...

Let's come to the point,the person mentioned in the post, "Empowering Priorities" is no more. Well... yea, it was an accident. And it was sudden. And unexpected too! But most importantly it was destiny..the Almighty's way of making us feel the presence of the Superpowers; His way of proving the existence of powers more powerful than us. And a successful attempt of the Supremes to make us surrender.

Dad, You've been,and will always be the most Powerful man I know. May you Rest in Peace.
Love you dad.!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dew Drop

A drop of dew slithering down,
Past the leaf veins.....all alone;
Tracing its way to the edge..
Wating to drop down to the wretch!!

Be the droplet a nascent rainlet?
Or the crown of the heir leaflet?
Ot the flowing tear of a broken fate?
Or just the traveller's charm bait?

Mysteries endless.....
Seekers clueless......
A dew drop helpless.....

Ah.. There it is-----Beauty Flawless!

Friday, March 25, 2011


A dreamy day,
A waning way,
A nasty night,
A sober sight...
A gleeful glare,
A fathom of fear..
Brewing blisters,
Yawning yesters,
Creamy colors,
Pleading pallor,
The misty marsh,
Hazy and harsh..
A lovely loner, with her lonely love!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Dear followers and readers...

Here I am, after having survived 2 long tragic days, breathing the air of the blogosphere.
My condolences to all the victims of the Japan calamity, and their families..

My condolences to my dearest friend, who lost his mother yesterday in an accident.. May the Almighty give them the strength to move on with these residents of heaven watching over them.

And may the departed souls rest in peace.

In the mean time, friends, give it a thought: Isn't the unpredictability of life brutal at times? Isn't the transience of our dearest possessions the reason for all our mental injuries? The answers being an unwanted "yes", its time we wake up from our ignorant slumbers. I'm aware, that in an attempt to free myself of the grief of the losses and the fear of the losses to come, I'm only reiterating the words of many other great people. But I'm sure expecting at least a few of you to start thinking in the way I'm doing now: I'm not referring to the grief, I'm talking about the endeavor to make the world a better place to live in.

The strategies&punchlines are all conventional...
*positive thinking
*life being short has little space for hatred or sorrow
*Self introspection
*think before you act....

..... and so on and so forth...

And I suppose every person is well aware of these little things........

The knowledge, however is not working anymore. It's time to act. That too, on an individual basis. Dear friends, let's do our bit, and make people do the same. Every little effort counts. We can't confront nature, but we can behave the way nature has made us. We keep forgetting that we are born as "human beings" and not "inhuman beings". Having done enough damage already, let's now behave like the goody goody kids... well.... that MIGHT soften Mother Nature.. you know!

This will definitely not assure you of a disaster-proof life, but it sure will dilute the severity of the disasters.

Let's be the solution, not the problem!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Peace, the piece of my heart..

Pleasure, in thy love’s art...

Path that knows no thwart,

Plight, in the distance apart,

Pure since the day it starts......

Ravenous is the lust

Racing past the dust..

Real and robust.

,Royal and just...

Reaching for the world so vast.....


Intense passion....

Impregnable ,

immesnsely unforgettable..

Yearning for the love..

Young and fresh-

Yelling to

Yesterday’s dream......

A new day,

Adoring you in a new way

Amid the golden rays...

Amorously today!





Kisses temptation,

Kindles the passion..

Kneeling nights amaze your ignited rare pleasure!

Monday, March 7, 2011

On the sets!

Ever watched your phone buzz away, the caller being someone you desperately want to talk to at the moment? Try it, I assure, the pain doesn’t hurt that bad. It is just the conflict you have with yourself over the priority of the emotion that’s driving you crazy; you struggle to find out what’s nudging you the most-your wish to talk, your determination to defy your wish, your emptiness, or just the silly reason that’s keeping you from receiving the call!

It’s indeed funny how we walk away from our titbit heartbeats(apart from anyone, they include anything dear to us), leaving behind a few footprints, a few memories, a few bruises, and a plethora of reasons to glance back occasionally. And walking along, we realize, it’s neither the departure, nor the emptiness or pleasure aftermath that matters-it’s just the “happens for good” part of it! And finally, the heartbeats settle in some page of a diary, and if lucky, of a history book.

Why, you do smile with wet eyes when you discard your “favourite childhood skirt” someday; you’ve grown up, you won’t wear it anyway! Parents do send their kids away, and with time, the tears of separation fade away, the child’s success persists! We do leave our beloved behind! And we do move on after the separation!

Certain incidents do ping our lives occasionally, catalyse our emotions tremendously, and then remain “a part of life”.

Life, after all is a stage! It demands to get more and more dramatized! And you come out of the theatre saying, “Well, that was quite a play!”

Thursday, February 10, 2011

From Mist to Mist

The murmur of the misty morning-


Through the Parting Pathway-


With the Winter Wind,


The Sweet Spring,


To the teeming tiaras

The Hymn of Happiness...

Then the Summer Sweat


From the faraway farm


To the autumn aura,


The Travelling toe,

“May I Meet the mist again?”

Friday, January 21, 2011

"Quiet" a Night

Greetings, Bloggie and Bloggers!

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary.......................


Owing to the stubborn circadian clock incorporated to my system, and the momentary exhaustion of my grey cells, here I am, swimming through the webzilla, trying to find my way to my own fantasies!

At this time of the night, I peep out through my window to feel my senses freezing in the impregnable fog of the serene night. The dusky nuance creates within me an emptiness, an intense void; the silence robs me of my breath. Leaving aside a few sleepless households, most of the lights in the neighbourhood have been turned off(just a matter of fact statement; the fog’s too opaque for one to see if any lights are on, or if any Prince Charming is waiting down some Rapunzel’s window). Occasionally, (though not offensively), one can hear an owl hooting to disturb the nocturnal lull.

It’s the living room of the year; the hopes are still fresh, with a few memories of the yester year still alive. The changes, however, are quite prominent. The books lying on my study table are visibly thicker and more rugged than the last year’s. The previous January was wintry, this January is frosty. While last year I struggled to conclude whether a hearty laugh with my best friends is more important than cuddling my lover verbally, this year, it hardly matters any more.....

What surprises and appeals to me all the time is the peculiarity of life, the dynamicity of its sequences! Give this a try: collect a few random memories of recent past, and collage them into a story. It’s bound to be beautiful! Change the sequence and knit a new pattern, it tells a new story, a different one, a better one! Repeat the exercise, and you end up perceiving few of the best stories in the world. And in the process rediscover the beauty of the time you’ve lived so far, and learn to enjoy the unpredictability of the days yet to come......................................................................................................................................... I do it pretty often; I did it tonight as well. It didn’t work! The pieces of my newest jigsaw puzzle are so identical! There’s no clear picture! It’s all the same, no matter however you assemble it. Physics- textbook- mathematics-notebook- chemistry- guidebook- exams- marks- “Better luck next time”s------------

I tried and rearranged it, and here’s what it turned out to be---- Good luck-exam- oops-a little more perfection-physics-notebook-textbook.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

The monotony compels me to drop this form of art for now. My blanket invites me to my bed; I still wish to delay my grand arrival. I wish to travel through the night; to experience the journey.

Because the morning would welcome me with a Physics paper!!!