Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Glances bartered along roadsides..

Looking back-a bleeding bonafide;

Rendezvous, reasons,

Solitude, seasons….

Enchanted elegance..

Demeaning distance…

Trailing the time that was gone…

They glanced back…. And walked on.


  1. Brevity is the soul of wit, somebody, I don't remember who, but a person of substantial import by way of reputation for greatness, once said.

    I now hold, for a number of reasons including this deceptively little piece of yours, that to be true of other things as well. Like love, for instance.. as these delightful lines ably illustrate. The love that is there in tragedy, and the tragedy that is there in love. It's a dichotomy that warrants fat volumes about it but never guarantees complete comprehension. Yet, in not trying to explain, it finds explanations in simple lines. Simple beautiful lines. The briefest of simple beautiful lines.

    A ten-line comment on a five-line poem. I can't pay a better compliment.. :-)

    Bravo and Way to go!

  2. beautiful!
    mildly touching just the contour of the subject is oft more beautiful than a meticulous attempt to describe things which are too multi-dimensional for words..!
    well written..:)

  3. It's just wonderful!
    Really touchy. :D