Monday, May 16, 2011

Ink Blot

(This is a page from my diary... 17 May,2011,Time:3:30)

Insomnia is something, a sleepless night is another. And giving up your sleep for a night, or occasionally is…. Well… just another thing too!

The magnificence of a “quiet” night keeps you awake, pondering over its mysteries. However, a “not so quiet night” presents before your weary, dream-worn eyes a slideshow of illusions. Envy takes over the feeling of awe for those who are responsible for the loss of the usual composure of the night. The magnanimity of their noisy sleep compels you to first watch out for an extra pillow to shield your ears against the noise. If you fail to find one, the search for a more peaceful place is initiated. If there are ‘no results found’ yet again, you go to a neglected corner of your house, switch on a table lamp, and take up a pen and paper. and do what I’m doing now.

And soon you find yourself staring at the window, clueless about how to proceed with your work. You watch the night dawn into a beautiful morning. The noise slowly fades away.

A couple of hours, and you are woken up at that same corner …….. a few words on one half the other…………….. and an ink blot on the other!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream

This solemn summer night

Vows to the distant sight

Of dusky hopes, a drowsy delight,

Of starry dreams, a maverick moonlight;

Of breezy thoughts, some shadowed fright,

Of the sleeping stillness, a restless plight..

Of the heated path, the steaming air,

Of blistered feet, the soothing solitaire;

Of sweating eyes and the tanned fair,

Of dripping lips, the dark’s glare;

Of the slumbered lamppost, of nervy nightnares……

To the ageing novice, the waking dawn’s dare!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Power Cut...

Let's come to the point,the person mentioned in the post, "Empowering Priorities" is no more. Well... yea, it was an accident. And it was sudden. And unexpected too! But most importantly it was destiny..the Almighty's way of making us feel the presence of the Superpowers; His way of proving the existence of powers more powerful than us. And a successful attempt of the Supremes to make us surrender.

Dad, You've been,and will always be the most Powerful man I know. May you Rest in Peace.
Love you dad.!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dew Drop

A drop of dew slithering down,
Past the leaf veins.....all alone;
Tracing its way to the edge..
Wating to drop down to the wretch!!

Be the droplet a nascent rainlet?
Or the crown of the heir leaflet?
Ot the flowing tear of a broken fate?
Or just the traveller's charm bait?

Mysteries endless.....
Seekers clueless......
A dew drop helpless.....

Ah.. There it is-----Beauty Flawless!